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Archie  Kalepa

Archie Kalepa

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Ocean Safety
Polynesian Voyaging
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Born and raised on Maui, Archie has established a reputation for being the ultimate waterman. His influence has been felt statewide and in ocean communities around the world. Fearless in the water, Archie has surfed the biggest waves and, as a lifeguard, repeatedly overcome dangerous ocean conditions to rescue people from tragedy. Dedicated to perpetuating the Hawaiian culture, Archie served as a crew member on voyages by Hokuleʻa and Hawai‘iloa. And he is helping to lead a revival in Hawaiian canoe surfing. Always an innovator, Archie helped lead the boom in stand-up paddling, being the first to cross the Molokai Channel. As head of Maui Ocean Rescue and Safety, he was instrumental in developing new and better techniques to save lives using jet skis and water sleds. Archie has shared his ocean safety expertise with lifeguards in ocean communities around the country, helping them to save lives just as he did.

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