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Brian Keaulana

Brian Keaulana

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Growing up in Makaha and son of the legendary Buffalo Keaulana, it was Brian’s destiny to be a waterman. And to Brian’s credit, he has become a truly great waterman in his own right. Brian has proven again and again that he can do it all as a waterman. He has surfed professionally, is a champion tandem surfer, a stand-up paddling expert, and master of Hawaiian canoe surfing. And like his father, Brian is a superb lifeguard who has saved numerous people. His use of the jet ski in making ocean rescues revolutionized life-saving. Brian’s outstanding waterman and lifesaving skills have made him the go-to expert for coordinating ocean stunt scenes in Hawaii Five-0 and other Hollywood productions – both here and outside Hawaii. It is no wonder the name Brian Keaulana often comes to mind when people think of the modern-day waterman.

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