Christie Peck continues the aloha with a $25,000 donation to ODKF

September 16, 2021

PHOTO: Christie Peck catches a wave in Waikiki.

We are thrilled to announce that longtime supporter Christie Peck donated $25,000 to the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation (ODKF) this month. Hailing from California, Ms. Peck has been a frequent visitor to Hawaii since her early 20’s. When we asked her what inspires to give to ODKF, she said, “All the credit should go to the Haine Family. When I was young and poor, I would come to Waikiki on standby with friends and stay in super cheap motels. Marilyn Haine (and family) was a friend of my dear friend's family ... and she (Mrs. Haine) got me Outrigger Canoe Club guest passes several times. Those days at the club were the highlight of my trips! I will never forget the kindness she showed, although I only met her once. I still have a collection of all the guest pass cards!”

The Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation began in 1986 when the Duke Kahanamoku Foundation merged with the Outrigger Foundation, which had been founded by members of the Outrigger Canoe Club. The Outrigger Canoe Club - where Duke was a longtime member - still plays an important role by hosting ODKF board meetings and special events. The Haine family is a beloved athletic family at the Outrigger, amongst them holding various accolades for volleyball, paddling, and coaching. Marc Haine, Marilyn’s son, is a current ODKF board member.

Ms. Peck’s gift is especially impactful this year because ODKF has not been able to hold any of its regular fundraising events since the pandemic began. Her contribution will be vital in funding scholarships and grants for the local Hawaii athletes in this season of so many unknowns.

Forty plus years after those original visits, Christie Peck still says Waikiki is "the greatest place to surf." Before the pandemic she would come to Hawaii with six girlfriends three times a year. They all surf or SUP. She is friends with some of the Waikiki beach boys and stays in touch with them when she’s away. She frequently checks the surf cams in Hawaii and cannot wait to come back, but she has not been to Hawaii since the pandemic began. With this gift, she aims to give back to the community in her favorite place.

She adds, “I won’t be traveling until things are much different, but Hawaii is always in my heart and surfing is my favorite thing. Keep up the good work."

Mahalo, Ms. Peck, for carrying forward that aloha spirit that was given to you.


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