Kai Lenny Talks Waterman Hall of Fame In MidWeek

Waterman Hall of Fame member Kai Lenny, featured in a MidWeek piece, discusses what it means to be amongst other legendary watermen and women.

April 7, 2021

Featured in a MidWeek article, written by Ron Mizutani, titled "Shine On," Maui waterman Kai Lenny recollects and reminisces about his career in the ocean. A world-renowned surfer, kitesurfer, and all-around big wave charger, Kai has traveled the world in search of waves, all while having a smile permanently etched on his face. Inducted to the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation Waterman Hall of Fame in 2019, Kai became the youngest inductee to the Hall at 26.

A ferocious competitor, Kai talks about his approach to competitive surfing in the article.

Excerpt from the article: “The titles are special, but the losses stick with me longer than the wins,” says Lenny. “After each event, I analyze and pick apart every wave. Each win takes years and sometimes a lifetime of preparation and training, but the win only lasts for 30 minutes or even 30 seconds. When the horn blows, there is a relief that comes over you, knowing you trained so hard for that 30 seconds.”

Kai also delves into what it means to be in the same category as other legendary watermen and waterwomen from Hawaii:

“I have never seen myself amongst those legendary names; they’re equivalent to superheroes to me. . . Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be in any hall of fame, let alone at this young age.
Maybe when I’m 60 and only if I played all my cards right! When they contacted me, I quickly said yes before they changed their minds.”

An inspirational figure to so many kids in this new generation of coming-of-age watermen and waterwomen, Kai continues to exemplify his prowess on waves of all sizes and be a positive influence on land.

You can read more about Kai and his exploits in the MidWeek article titled "Shine On."

Check out the full article here


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