Racial Equity Statement

September 1, 2021

The events of 2020 have illuminated the racial inequity that still exists in our country.
Following Duke’s example, the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation stands against

Duke Kahanamoku saw the worth of people individually regardless of their race, gender or
socioeconomic status. He greeted friends, loved ones AND strangers with aloha - with love.
He believed in Hawaii as the world’s center of understanding and fellowship, because of the
aloha spirit which emanates from the people of these islands.

Sports unite us.

Like many athletes of color before and after him, Duke Kahanamoku broke through racial
barriers with his athletic achievements. Grand athletic pursuits spark the competitive spirit
inside of us, generate the heroes we all want to cheer for together and provide a forum for
lasting social change.

The ocean connects us.

Duke had a natural relationship with the ocean. His athletic prowess was unmatched as a
waterman in all disciplines of the ocean. Yet, throughout his life he took the time to teach
adults and children the ocean sports he loved. All over the world, he brought people into the
ocean. He helped people strengthen their own connection to the sea, a place for spiritual and
physical renewal, a place of joy.

Our work will impact people of all backgrounds through exposure and growth in water
sports and building connections to the ocean.

We recognize that not all people have the same access to resources to learn, grow and
compete in (ocean) sports, or to achieve their greatest potential. Our opportunity is to raise
the tide for people of all backgrounds within the focus of our mission.

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